Excellence in Safety


As PG New York sets to enter its 18th business year it shall continue to maintain and hold the safety standards of its employees, general contractors, other contractors working on projects, the general public, and all others associated and related to our work to the highest regard and priority possible. Safety of everyone is to be at the constant forefront of PG New York’s operations. The prioritizing of safety over job progress is the main staple of PG New York’s operations, and the reason we maintain an EMR of .60. Enforcing stringent safety policies, producing and following detailed task-specific job hazard analysis, utilizing the support of 3rd party safety consultants, mandatory PPE inspections, scaffold inspections, machine inspections, and tool inspections will continue to be a constant backbone of PG New York operations all while achieving job scope completions per approved shop drawings. PG New York will continue to keep employee training certifications current while also hosting job site safety stand downs to keep safety education ongoing for all employees.

PG New York looks forward to continuing to build on the reputation of safety and standards it has built over the years on all currently ongoing and future projects.